Why invest in gold when investing in a land plot fetches you golden returns

Investing in real estate is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative forms of investment. Although investing in residential apartments has become the norm, it is not the only option available for investment. The demand for land is increasing by the day and more people are looking to invest in a land plot. Considering this trend, Vaarivana by Pharande Spaces can turn out to be the best fit for investment. And if you are considering making a real estate investment, here’s why investing in a land plot should be at the top of the list.

1. Greater Flexibility

The stark difference between investing in a plot and an apartment is that in case of the latter there’s not much of customisation possible as it is limited to the architect’s vision of how it should or can be built. A plot of land, on the other hand, is similar to a blank canvas where you can build your dream home from scratch where your ideas and inputs can play a pivotal role. Hence, it offers greater flexibility.

2. Low Initial Investment

A plot of land is much more cost-effective than a residential apartment. Therefore, many investors choose to purchase land early on in life and build a house there later, when the savings are much higher. Vijayashree Enclave offer a splendid opportunity for investment with countless avenues of green, pure, and blissful living should you choose to live there in the future.

3. Quick Appreciation

From an investment standpoint, the most attractive feature of a real estate investment is that it is almost guaranteed to appreciate. In case of a land plot, the value of the property depends on the surrounding infrastructure which in case of Vijayashree Enclave is thoughtfully planned for a holistic community living experience.

4. Low Maintenance Costs

When you choose to live in a purchased house, maintenance costs are something you cannot do away with. In most cases, these costs are constant with slight variations every year. With a villa plot, there is low maintenance cost required as your villa is private property and the only upkeep required would be for the common areas and surroundings of the gated community.

5. Finite Asset

One of the biggest benefits of investing in land or a villa plot is that it is a finite resource. There will be continuous creation of residential high-rises but only a limited amount of land will be up for grabs. This aspect shows the landowners that their land investment will be in constant demand as a result of which the price of these plots will continue to appreciate.

For those looking to gain high returns at minimal risk, investing in a plot of land to own your dream home or just for investment purposes plots is one of the best real estate investment options. Vijayashree Enclave – located attached to Bangalore-Mysuru Expressway ticks every box for investors. If you are interested in investing or buying a plot on Bangalore-Mysuru Expressway, then this will probably be precisely what you’ve been looking for.